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1955 r. – a draft statute of the Sworn Translators Agency sent to the Ministry of Justice.
1957 r. – a conference of Translators Agencies at the Ministry of Justice and the approval of the statute by the Minister of Justice, commencing operations of the Sworn and Technical Translators Agency no. 1. the 60’s – struggle to further the operations of Translators Agencies nationwide, attempts at creating an independent translators’ organization.
1976 – cooperation with the Polish Writers Union regarding affiliation with the International Federation of Translators
1981 – establishment of the Polish Translators Association, the President of our company was appointed Member of the Board.
1987 – establishment of the Szczecin Division of the Association, whose domicile to date is our office.
1988 – our President was awarded the Gold Badge of the National Association of Trade and Services.
2005 – our office moves from ul. Jagiellońska 8/4 to Al. Wojska Polskiego 56/4 (how to find us – see contact).
2006 – open a new branch in Wrocław (how to find us – see contact).
2008 – open a new branch in Poznań (how to find us – see contact).
2012 – open a new branch in Warsaw (how to find us – see contact).






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For more than half a century, we have been meeting our Clients’ expectations. We are pioneers in Poland in terms of providing translation services to companies and institutions.