Language services for businesses

   Business customers, we offer a wide range of language services


We offer our business clients a wide range of language services meeting all their foreign language needs.
Companies working in an international market frequently require regular language services. If you decide to use our services, we will provide your company with a full language service.
Our offer for businesses includes:
Special translation rates
If you are our regular customer, you can count on particularly attractive rates and discounts.
Foreign language business correspondence service
In commercial relations with foreign contractors a lot of correspondence is exchanged, both by means of traditional postal services and via e-mail. Our translators can maintain your company’s correspondence on a regular basis, under strict confidentiality.
Software localization
We can prepare different language versions of your software or computer games. We also work on Client’s CMS software facilitating the implementation of language versions. Our recent projects include among others the translation of programs for mobile devices into more than ten languages, including Asian ones –

Translation of contracts and other legal documents
Contracts and other documents that require a thorough analysis of the language are often translated in consultation with the lawyers of the company. Our translators by being in regular contact with the client ensure the highest quality of translations.

Translation of website
Do you want your company’s offer to reach customers around the world? This is possible by enriching your website with additional languages. All you need to do is send your web address and leave the rest to us. Thanks to full cooperation with your IT service provider you shall  immediately see the outcome on the Internet.
Foreign language contract service
Translation of agreements and other documents which call for particularly detailed linguistic analysis frequently requires the assistance of the company’s legal counsel. Our translators, working in close cooperation with the client, ensure top quality of the translation
Preparation of offers for foreign markets
We can translate all your brochures, folders, instruction manuals, product description labels or business cards in such a way to eradicate all language barriers and enable your company to compete freely in the international market.






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For more than half a century, we have been meeting our Clients’ expectations. We are pioneers in Poland in terms of providing translation services to companies and institutions.