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We do all kinds of translations: sworn (certified), specialist, ordinary, interpreting and software localization in most languages of the world.
We translate documents from all disciplines (law, economics, marketing and advertising, engineering, medicine, internet and information technology, literature, construction, trade and services, the European Union, etc.) and of all kinds (texts relating to business, advertising, web pages, academic papers, correspondence: general and business-oriented, agreements, articles, papers, instruction manuals, literary texts, medical texts, etc.).
Our services are comprehensive, i.e. they include:
- cost valuation – free of charge,
- text translation,
- proofreading and verification (e.g. prior to high-volume printing),
- formatting and desktop publishing – free of charge,
- printing and recording on any data medium – free of charge,
- sending by e-mail, fax, registered post or pick up at our office – free of charge*,
- other services – at your request.
* free registered post for translations of at least 3 pages
You only pay for the translation! --> see the price list
And usually, it takes no longer than a day! --> see lead times
We do not charge extra for specialist texts.
Completed translations can be delivered as printouts or in electronic form*, we can also send them to you via e-mail or fax.
We fulfill the Customer’s wishes with regard to the layout of the translation page.
* sworn translations are delivered only as printouts with certifying stamps.
The texts left in our care are subject to strict confidentiality
We protect your documents and privacy.
In case of complaints, we provide free corrections within 1-3 days of collecting the order.
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About us

For more than half a century, we have been meeting our Clients’ expectations. We are pioneers in Poland in terms of providing translation services to companies and institutions.