Types of translations

  Every kind of translation
Sworn translation (certified with the translator’s stamp):
All kinds of documents (agreements, diplomas, official letters, expert analyses, etc.) to be presented to institutions or third parties. 1 billing page is equivalent to 1125 characters of the translated text, including single spaces.* 
* pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of Justice dated January 24th, 2005 on the remuneration for the services of a sworn translator (Journal of Laws No 15 of 2005, item 131) and pursuant to the budget act for 2005 dated December 29th, 2004 (Journal of Laws No 278, item 2755 dated December 22nd, 2004)
Ordinary translation:
All texts or documents for one’s own use (e.g. to be able to understand the text). 1 billing page of an ordinary translation is equivalent to 1800 characters, including single spaces. We can also estimate the price calculating the number of words in the source text.
Ordinary translations are e.g. letters, notes, e-mails, business offers, web pages.
Specialist translations:
Examples: technical description, instruction manual for a high-tech device, academic paper, commercial agreement. Note: the price of a specialist translation is the same as that of an ordinary translation. 
Software localization:
Different language versions of software or applications. Specialized CMS web tools are required to implement those kind of translations –
In all situations when an interpreter’s presence is required. Interpreting is used in e.g. business meetings, notary acts *, contracting marriage *
* whenever one of the parties is foreign, a sworn translator’s/interpreter’s presence is required
Note: if you are not certain whether you need to obtain a sworn translation or whether an ordinary translation will suffice, just contact us – our employees will advise you which option to choose.






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