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TRADITION AND EXPERIENCE – we have been translating for more than half a century, our company was established in 1957. The President of our company, a sworn translator himself, is also a founding father of the Szczecin Division of the Polish Translators Association. (see Company history)
EXPERTISE AND PROFESSIONALISM – we were one of the first institutions in Poland to provide translation services to businesses. At a certain time (which for many of us is ancient history), we were necessary to enable sound operations of the large companies of Western Pomerania. Our letters of reference prove that.
We take the same due diligence in translating a single diploma, as in a large contract with an international corporation
We employ translators of most languages. Among them are sworn translators and technical translators (verified by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations – NOT). Members of the Polish Translators Association account for a large proportion of our staff – they are people with the third-level of education, who have proven themselves at translating a number of specialist texts – and those texts have been verified by the Qualification Commission of the Board of the Polish Translators Association in Warsaw.
SHORT LEAD TIMES – the contemporary world demands for one to act quickly, and we often encounter orders that need to be done “yesterday”. We always try to cut the completion time as much as possible, aware that our timeliness may be the make-or-break of a large contract or a job abroad.
LOW PRICES – we do not need to dwell on this point. All you need to do is look at our price list and compare it with our competitors. We do not charge extra for specialised translations. Add to that our free cost valuation, text formatting and posting of documents... do we need to say any more?
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About us

For more than half a century, we have been meeting our Clients’ expectations. We are pioneers in Poland in terms of providing translation services to companies and institutions.