All kinds of translation

Specialised translations

They require the expertise of a specialist translator. Examples: technical description, instruction manual for a specialist device, scientific work, trade agreement. Note: the price for specialised translations in our company is the same as for standard translations.

  • General / Contracts
  • Taxes / Public Offices
  • EU Procedures
  • Automation / Robotics / Production
  • Construction / Civil engineering / Mechanics
  • Telecommunication
  • Electrical engineering and Electronics
  • Energy / Energetics
  • Automotive / Aviation
  • Certificates /Diplomas / Licences / CV
  • Sport
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Banking / Investment / Insurance
  • Business /Trade
  • Marketing / Marketing research
  • Advertising / PR / Advertising materials
  • Trade / Real estate
  • Transport / Forwarding / Navigation
  • Human resources
  • Pharmacy
  • Cardiology / Surgery / Ophthalmology / Dermatology
  • General / Health Service
  • Medical equipment
Life sciences
  • Cosmetics / Health
  • Food / Feed
  • Agriculture / Zoology / Botany
  • Ecology / Tourism
  • Chemistry / Chemical engineering
  • Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Microbiology
  • Humanities Psychology / Philosophy / Art
  • Humanities History / Sociology / Political Science
  • Computer systems / Networks / Software
  • Software development

Certified translation:

All kinds of documents (contracts, diplomas, official letters, expert opinions, etc.) required for presentation to the authorities or third parties. 1 billing page of the Polish sworn translation is 1125 characters of the translated document, including single spaces.* Each page is certified with the sworn translator’s stamp. NOTE: sworn translations are executed through the Polish language. For example, the translation from English into Spanish consists of 2 documents: English-Polish and Polish-Spanish translations.


Standard translation:

All texts or documents for one’s own use (e.g. to be able to understand the text). 1 billing page of a standard translation is equivalent to 1800 characters, including single spaces. We can also estimate the price by calculating the number of words in the source text.
Standard translations are, e.g. letters, notes, e-mails, business offers, web pages.


Consecutive interpreting:

Whenever the presence of an interpreter is required. Interpreting services include business talks, notarial activities*, getting married*. The interpreter first listens to a fragment of the speaker’s text, then the interpreting process follows.
* If one of the parties is a foreigner, the presence of a sworn interpreter is required.


Simultaneous interpreting:

During this type of interpreting, both the interpreter and the speaker speak at the same time.
Simultaneous interpreting is used during international meetings, lectures, conferences etc. Its variants include booth or whispered interpreting. Booth interpreting requires the presence of at least two interpreters and the use of specialized equipment (sound-proof booths for interpreters, headphones and receivers for listeners, etc.). More about simultaneous interpreting and price list.


Software localization:

Different language versions of software or applications. Specialized CMS web tools are required to implement such translations – details.



It is the transformation of the original text, taking into account the linguistic and cultural specificity of the target language. It often means rewriting the text, avoiding literal translation, which might be incomprehensible, offensive or funny in a different culture. Marketing and advertising texts, which are often based on an emotional message or allude to local customs that may not be understood in a different environment, are mainly subject to transcription. The art is an intermediate stage between literal translation and copywriting (creating a text from scratch).


CAT translations and the creation of translation memory (TM):

We perform translations using the latest translation support programs (CAT) such as Trados, Wordfast and others. They help to speed up the translation process and maintain uniform terminology for all translations of a given client. We accomplish this by creating a Translation Memory for our regular clients.

Note: if you are not certain whether you need to obtain a sworn translation or whether a standard translation will suffice, just contact us – our employees will advise you on which option to choose.

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